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EchoManila offer a comprehensive range of services, from high quality WordPress design and development for your business and personal websites, to creating and managing websites.
EchoManila listed down the different website packages we offer. All of our sites are built in CMS (Content Management System) meaning after website construction/re-design, site owner can easily update the content as needed.
All projects are different, at the start of each website, we set a round-table discussion and go over the project details and frequently ask question to get a better idea of your website needs and goals. That being said, your website may cost more or less, depending on your choice of package, functionality and customization needs.
If you already have a website but need to make a few changes, feel free to contact us and we can talk about completing your smaller project at our monthly rate. Have questions? Let us know!

Basic Website Architecture, Web Hosting and Maintenance 
Designed for Google, mobile, social and result 

Bronze – Package Rate: P13,000/Annual 

Silver – Package Rate: P17,000/Annual 
Gold – Package Rate: P20,000/Annual 
Platinum – Package Rate: P26,000/Annual

Digital Marketing
WordPress Search Engine Optimization
SEO Branding
Content Lab
One-on-One Site Training
 Social Media Setup + Site Integration